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A letter from life.

Close your eyes for a while

Let the thoughts sink in

Mile after mile

Let the feelings cave in

Analyze the people, the words, the day

The walks and talks; the things that they say

The pictures in your head

Floating from event to event

Staring at them through every angle

Figuring out what everything meant

Why everything happened, what were the intentions

Why are you thinking about things that werent mentioned

They were implied for a reason 

Just so you get the message

Just so you get the clue, and just so you learn your lesson

Of what you did wrong, in other words, your mistakes

What people grieve over, call them regrets or bad takes 

Why did I do this, why did I say that

Brush all those thoughts under a gray mat

Cus what was gonna happen, no one can change that 

No matter how hard you try, you cant rearrange that

The events, forward or rewind, there’s no way to stop it

If its destiny and fate combined, no one can crop it

all the messed up situations, and the dirty piles of shit

You got stuck in when standing up, or even when you had to sit

To take a break, pause, and just take a deep breath

You want to relax but you cant, ‘where is my crystal meth?’

Woah stop, fuck all that, get a reality check mate

Your eyelids heavy, heads pounding, and your a fucking wreck mate

I know its dark out, but goddamn your thoughts are dark too

You’re blaming all of worlds mishaps, problems and wars on you

Give yourself a real break and cut yourself some real slack

Ease you mind, body, brain without the use of real crack

It’s all you can do, life doesn’t stop, it goes on

A letter from life says, hold on tight and come along..