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Experience, realize and release

Life is always taking such unexpected twists and turns. Its kind of funny to see how many things have changed now from years or even a couple of months ago. Not only do the people in your life change, but your directions change, your perspectives change and you change as an individual. Some of us turn into the people we hate, while the rest of us hate the people we turn into. It’s strange. But it happens. I’ve left behind some people who I thought would be with me for a long time, I mean they still are here, but they don’t mean much to me anymore. Our times have happened and have been some of the best, but they’re over now and its okay to move forward, In fact its better, because trying to hold on to things that are fading can ultimately lead to destruction. Experience, realize and release. I used to always believe that I would never let myself trust anyone, which is still partially true. Partially because I am careful, but I’ve found the ones I can trust. I’ve learned to open up and let myself free. I changed, people change, and life does too. It’s strange, but somehow so true.


A letter from life.

Close your eyes for a while

Let the thoughts sink in

Mile after mile

Let the feelings cave in

Analyze the people, the words, the day

The walks and talks; the things that they say

The pictures in your head

Floating from event to event

Staring at them through every angle

Figuring out what everything meant

Why everything happened, what were the intentions

Why are you thinking about things that werent mentioned

They were implied for a reason 

Just so you get the message

Just so you get the clue, and just so you learn your lesson

Of what you did wrong, in other words, your mistakes

What people grieve over, call them regrets or bad takes 

Why did I do this, why did I say that

Brush all those thoughts under a gray mat

Cus what was gonna happen, no one can change that 

No matter how hard you try, you cant rearrange that

The events, forward or rewind, there’s no way to stop it

If its destiny and fate combined, no one can crop it

all the messed up situations, and the dirty piles of shit

You got stuck in when standing up, or even when you had to sit

To take a break, pause, and just take a deep breath

You want to relax but you cant, ‘where is my crystal meth?’

Woah stop, fuck all that, get a reality check mate

Your eyelids heavy, heads pounding, and your a fucking wreck mate

I know its dark out, but goddamn your thoughts are dark too

You’re blaming all of worlds mishaps, problems and wars on you

Give yourself a real break and cut yourself some real slack

Ease you mind, body, brain without the use of real crack

It’s all you can do, life doesn’t stop, it goes on

A letter from life says, hold on tight and come along..

A shield from the pits; A trail towards the top ❥

Your presence completes me

Your voice softens my own

When you’re not here I feel so alone

It’s the way you speak to me

How very evident is your love

Like a secure gift sent from above

It’s so clear in the way

You tell me you’re going to stay

A shield from the pits

A trail towards the top

With intentions so pure

You’re so content

So sure

That in my worst days

You become my best cure

You see right through me

Right through me you see

You know me inside out

Inside out you know me

I repeat

And repeat

Yet you listen to every beat


I wonder, everyday

When will we finally meet?

Summer’s a comin’ ♥

Am I the only one overly excited for summer? The thought of the sun out all day, seeing the greenest grass we see all year, and the overall warm weather makes me so happy. I mean apart from the bugs, bees and all that good stuff, I cannot be more thrilled for summer. I just want to be able to go out without the worry of it raining, snowing.. hailing. Or even just stay home, with windows open, fresh summer breeze, watching movies all day or just sleeping. I actually really want to travel this summer, even if it is just for a couple days. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far; I just want to get away from my usual routine. I want to leave the city, area, people and go to a place where I don’t know anything or anyone. I want to escape for a bit before I have to go back and continue the same routine again, you get me?

Another reason for spending the summer well is that I will be graduating high school in June and will start university in September; well I mean that’s the plan. With all this comes a large mix of emotions, excitement, nerves and all that. So why not shake it all off and have a little fun in between?

Take Me Back to Where I Belong.

When simple things brought me the most joy

When the hardest choice was the easiest to make

When colorful things were my sorrows cure

When the reasons for my actions were the most pure

The age of innocence.. where has it gone?

Take me back to where I belong

When happiness was in early morning cartoons

When staying up past 10 gave me the most thrill

When running around on the streets was great fun

When jumping high off the swings gave me freedom

The age of innocence.. where has it gone?

Take me back to where I belong

When I would look forward to recess at school

When ice cream and sprinkles made me smile

When shapes of the clouds were my main concern

When excitement was actually in wanting to learn

The age of innocence.. where has it gone?

Take me back to where I belong

When my dreams and desires were stronger than life

When creativity would flow out of my soul

When I’d speak my mind without thinking twice

When my heart wasn’t close to the coldness of ice

The age of innocence.. where has it gone?

Take me back to where I belong

Nineteen Eighty-Four – My Insight

This novel by George Orwell  is one of my favorite books of all time. I first read it in my English course, fell in love with it and read it for the 3rd time just recently. I felt it was now appropriate to tell you guys about it since I basically know it inside out.

It is a dystopian themed novel about an extremely strict and authoritarian system of living. The characters, in short, are living in hell but also in their state called Oceania. They have no say whatsoever. If they say something, actually scratch that –if they think something it is easily considered a crime, more specifically, thought crime. In the real world, humans have the freedom of thought and opinion which is exactly what the characters in the novel lack. They are entirely under the influence of the very powerful figure of ‘Big Brother’.All of society functions under big brother’s commands. If one disobeys any orders, it results in death or disappearance in which the clearest reason of disappearance is death, but no one knows for sure. The way big brother indirectly threatens the citizens of Oceania ensures that they follow all his commands and never even think about going against him.

However the protagonist, Winston Smith, challenges the whole notion of big brother as he finds himself trying to uncover the truth behind big brother and history in general. He knows that people only believe what big brother wants them to believe, and what big brother wants them to believe he will make believable. He twists and messes with the truth to put it all in his favor. By making the party members do his dirty work and muddle with documents and historical records, he ensures his continuity in controlling society. Winston starts to secretly rebel against authority and find himself a better life to live. He fails to understand that with a forceful figure like big brother, it is not possible to do what he wants to do.

The underlying message of this story and concept can be perceived in many ways. Personally I see this novel as a contrasting reality to ours today. It makes me feel so grateful to be a part of a world where freedom is increasing and captivity is diminishing. The protagonist Winston Smith is the common man whom we all can relate with in different ways. His curiosity, struggle for survival and overall journey can relate to each and everyone’s lives in various ways for various means. The way he struggles to find the truth is something we all experience in our lives as the world doesn’t hand us truth on a silver platter, we have to fight for it. It can be truth to prove ourselves right, a loved one right or just the truth to serve overall justice in a time of prejudice. The journey is well presented throughout this novel, and although it doesn’t end in the best of ways, life sometimes doesn’t either. It is the harsh reality. Everyone should consider giving this one a read. Cheers.

laaaaaal“The best books… are those that tell you what you know already” – George Orwell


You know your friends that are with you & surely commit

The ones who have always had your back with every hit

They know your whole life from beginning to end

Yet they be the ones to leave before you reach the end

Just when you think you can trust them with your whole life

Like what a husband does with his beloved wife

They take your precious secrets and all that you’ve shared

Cus you thought they would be the ones to listen and care

But instead everything twisted, all the stories got out

The ones they had sworn would never leave their mouths

And now they’re sitting together, laughing & joking

And you’re in your bedroom corner, dying & choking

And you finally realize you believed the wrong people

They were never your friends; they’re all fake and evil

But now it’s no use, they know everything about you

They’ll expose your every move & always try to outdo..

Everything you try to accomplish in life, forgetting the past

What these enemies did to your first and to your last

But then everything is either a blessing in disguise

Or just another one of life’s lessons for the wise

For me it’s a lesson that’ll guide me through every season

Cus everything that happens in life happens for a reason

So these friends that you have, they’re only temporary

The ones forever will be there at your cemetery

Now listen warily to what I say, place close attention

This genuine advice is for your own prevention

To lastingly reduce the risk of getting deceived

Keep your mouth closed, ears open – knowledge retrieved

And remember that no one’s on your side forever

Feelings change, attitudes differ, so you should never..

Give all your trust to someone that you think you know

Because those people will surprise you once things start to grow