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Summer’s a comin’ ♥

Am I the only one overly excited for summer? The thought of the sun out all day, seeing the greenest grass we see all year, and the overall warm weather makes me so happy. I mean apart from the bugs, bees and all that good stuff, I cannot be more thrilled for summer. I just want to be able to go out without the worry of it raining, snowing.. hailing. Or even just stay home, with windows open, fresh summer breeze, watching movies all day or just sleeping. I actually really want to travel this summer, even if it is just for a couple days. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far; I just want to get away from my usual routine. I want to leave the city, area, people and go to a place where I don’t know anything or anyone. I want to escape for a bit before I have to go back and continue the same routine again, you get me?

Another reason for spending the summer well is that I will be graduating high school in June and will start university in September; well I mean that’s the plan. With all this comes a large mix of emotions, excitement, nerves and all that. So why not shake it all off and have a little fun in between?