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A shield from the pits; A trail towards the top ❥

Your presence completes me

Your voice softens my own

When you’re not here I feel so alone

It’s the way you speak to me

How very evident is your love

Like a secure gift sent from above

It’s so clear in the way

You tell me you’re going to stay

A shield from the pits

A trail towards the top

With intentions so pure

You’re so content

So sure

That in my worst days

You become my best cure

You see right through me

Right through me you see

You know me inside out

Inside out you know me

I repeat

And repeat

Yet you listen to every beat


I wonder, everyday

When will we finally meet?


Is it time?

Okay first of all, I am so happy first semester is done with! It was such a pain, & I barely survived through my courses. My marks were fine, not too happy about them but not sad either. When you try really hard and get okay results, there’s not much you can do about it.

So anyways, semester two started about a week and a half ago & compared to last semester it is a piece of cake, well so far it is. I don’t expect it to be too hard, but then again I shouldn’t expect anything at all because I always end up being surprised. This is my last semester in high school and I am very excited, but at the same time equally apprehensive about what the future has in store for me. I’ve applied to 3 different universities and for 5 programs in total and have been accepted to 2 of them so far. One is my first choice which I am so happy for. But since it was an early offer, I am scared that my average will drop and the offer will get taken away.

Ahhh OK enough of these talks, they make me nervous. But yes I am looking forward to graduating and leaving high school. As much as I will truly miss the teachers, school and the faces I have seen for the past 4 years, I think it is time to move forward in life. I don’t know if I’m ready or not, but I just want to get out of the small high school world and dive straight into the real world. I hope for a smooth dive, but realistically I see myself going in head first. Either way I think it is time to experience the world for myself now. It is time to leave a mark of my own. It is time.

Welcome 2015❤

2014. 12 months. A year loaded with happiness, laughter, sorrow, depression, hard work, no work, friends, ex-friends, meeting new people, reuniting with old ones, spending time with people, spending time alone & much more.

I’ve learned SO much this year, & I am extremely grateful for every second of the past 365 days. I have regrets, many actually, but it’s a way of learning. Learning from mistakes that I’ve made & trying to move forward. I blame no one, not even myself. It’s all a part of life. You make mistakes, regret, forgive, maybe not forget, but eventually move forward. Without all this, life would be rather bland.

I have moved away from holding grudges and playing the little games we did as kids. I despise and stay away from drama. It is a waste of time. I’d rather be doing stuff that is beneficial for me and for others around me. If I don’t like you, I’ll simply stay away from you. We are not meant to like everyone, its human nature. Everyone is different and sometimes those differences seem to clash. It is natural. But there is a way of dealing with things, by dealing I don’t mean making them worse. We all need to survive, not just you and me, but everyone. Make decisions in life that won’t end up harming the people around you. You can’t ignore the fact that we are all in this world, and we all are trying to live.

I have moved away from many people in 2014, and have distanced myself from them. It has brought me more happiness away from them than near them. The people that have stuck by me the entire year are the ones that I know will stay with me for a very long time. These people are my parents, sisters, best friend and other close friends.

People usually start off the year by saying ‘new year, new me’. But quite frankly, this is going to be a new year, with new experiences, & new changes, but it’s still going to be the old me. Maybe a bit improved but for the most part, still the same. I hope this New Year is full of surprises, goals, ambitions, success, prosperity, love and loads of happiness for everyone. Stay blessed.  

“No man is a failure who is enjoying life” -William Feather

& the Journey Begins

Hi. Hello. Bonjour. Salaam. Aloha. Merhaba. Ciao. (That’s all I got)

I hope everyone is doing well. As you probably noticed, this is my first blog post and it is just to introduce myself to you all. So..

I am a 17 (almost 18) year old girl from the famous Canada. I basically write (thanks genius). I know, I know that’s quite vague but it’s true. I write about anything to be honest; stuff lingers about in my crazy little mind such as issues, interests, goals & ambitions, & life in general and I just transfer it all onto a piece of paper or my trusty old laptop. So I’ve decided to make this blog to post my writings and share it with all you beautiful people. You guys can feel free to ask me questions about my work or address anything you wish to because I am a very open-minded person and don’t believe in judging anyone. Let’s try to make this journey a pleasant one at the least, but we still be keeping it real✌

“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow” – William Shakespeare