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You know your friends that are with you & surely commit

The ones who have always had your back with every hit

They know your whole life from beginning to end

Yet they be the ones to leave before you reach the end

Just when you think you can trust them with your whole life

Like what a husband does with his beloved wife

They take your precious secrets and all that you’ve shared

Cus you thought they would be the ones to listen and care

But instead everything twisted, all the stories got out

The ones they had sworn would never leave their mouths

And now they’re sitting together, laughing & joking

And you’re in your bedroom corner, dying & choking

And you finally realize you believed the wrong people

They were never your friends; they’re all fake and evil

But now it’s no use, they know everything about you

They’ll expose your every move & always try to outdo..

Everything you try to accomplish in life, forgetting the past

What these enemies did to your first and to your last

But then everything is either a blessing in disguise

Or just another one of life’s lessons for the wise

For me it’s a lesson that’ll guide me through every season

Cus everything that happens in life happens for a reason

So these friends that you have, they’re only temporary

The ones forever will be there at your cemetery

Now listen warily to what I say, place close attention

This genuine advice is for your own prevention

To lastingly reduce the risk of getting deceived

Keep your mouth closed, ears open – knowledge retrieved

And remember that no one’s on your side forever

Feelings change, attitudes differ, so you should never..

Give all your trust to someone that you think you know

Because those people will surprise you once things start to grow


Bullying Awareness Week

Bullying.. Bring back any harsh memories? Or remind you of someone? Or even remind you of yourself?

This third week of the beautiful month of November is bullying awareness week. It is a time to reflect, & raise awareness on one of the most tragic things a person can experience or go through in their life.

Bullying can occur in many different forms, but that doesn’t lessen the quantity or depth of the scars that it leaves. It’s unfortunate to say that every single person has experienced bullying at least once in their lives. And it’s even more unfortunate to think that despite all this awareness, people are still being bullied to this day.

What I don’t understand is WHY? Why does someone feel the need to put another person down? Is it to make yourself feel better, or to try & heal any previous scars you’ve had from being bullied? No reason can EVER justify bullying. If you’re bullying someone as a joke.. It’s NOT a joke. You have no idea how much you can hurt someone with your words. And after you’ve said those cruel words, no matter how many times you apologize it’s already affected the person. In that very moment you’ve brought down their confidence, self-assurance & sense of worth that they’ve tried building up for years. All the courage and confidence they have tried to mount in themselves is now gone, & the reason behind that is YOU. Think before you speak, don’t speak and then reflect on what you’ve said. Stop being a bully, stand up to bullying, tell someone (you’re not being a ‘snitch’; you’re simply preventing yourself or someone else from breaking down).

Each & every one of you is beautiful, & each and every one of you has a very unique place in our world. You are all important & worth it, and don’t EVER let anyone tell you otherwise! FullSizeRender (2)

“Love for All, Hatred for None”