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Experience, realize and release

Life is always taking such unexpected twists and turns. Its kind of funny to see how many things have changed now from years or even a couple of months ago. Not only do the people in your life change, but your directions change, your perspectives change and you change as an individual. Some of us turn into the people we hate, while the rest of us hate the people we turn into. It’s strange. But it happens. I’ve left behind some people who I thought would be with me for a long time, I mean they still are here, but they don’t mean much to me anymore. Our times have happened and have been some of the best, but they’re over now and its okay to move forward, In fact its better, because trying to hold on to things that are fading can ultimately lead to destruction. Experience, realize and release. I used to always believe that I would never let myself trust anyone, which is still partially true. Partially because I am careful, but I’ve found the ones I can trust. I’ve learned to open up and let myself free. I changed, people change, and life does too. It’s strange, but somehow so true.



You know your friends that are with you & surely commit

The ones who have always had your back with every hit

They know your whole life from beginning to end

Yet they be the ones to leave before you reach the end

Just when you think you can trust them with your whole life

Like what a husband does with his beloved wife

They take your precious secrets and all that you’ve shared

Cus you thought they would be the ones to listen and care

But instead everything twisted, all the stories got out

The ones they had sworn would never leave their mouths

And now they’re sitting together, laughing & joking

And you’re in your bedroom corner, dying & choking

And you finally realize you believed the wrong people

They were never your friends; they’re all fake and evil

But now it’s no use, they know everything about you

They’ll expose your every move & always try to outdo..

Everything you try to accomplish in life, forgetting the past

What these enemies did to your first and to your last

But then everything is either a blessing in disguise

Or just another one of life’s lessons for the wise

For me it’s a lesson that’ll guide me through every season

Cus everything that happens in life happens for a reason

So these friends that you have, they’re only temporary

The ones forever will be there at your cemetery

Now listen warily to what I say, place close attention

This genuine advice is for your own prevention

To lastingly reduce the risk of getting deceived

Keep your mouth closed, ears open – knowledge retrieved

And remember that no one’s on your side forever

Feelings change, attitudes differ, so you should never..

Give all your trust to someone that you think you know

Because those people will surprise you once things start to grow

Identity Crisis?

We all have them at one point or even multiple points in our lives. Trying to figure out who we are and what we’re trying to do. It’s a part of growing up. But one thing I need to say is that having an identity crisis’ due to not fitting in can happen, but is needless.

You shouldn’t need to think about changing yourself to fit in. Nonetheless, changing where you’re trying to fit in, to a place where you don’t even need to try is something more sensible. Every single person on our earth is special in their own way. No person should ever feel the need to change themselves in order to fit in. You should never feel the need to change yourself for the satisfaction of those around you. YOU are YOURSELF for YOU and NOONE else. As insanely cheesy as that sounds, I follow by this line. You are created in a very special way, and that shouldn’t need to change in any point of your life. If someone doesn’t like your interests, hobbies, personality, look, your quirkiness or your jokes, that’s unfortunate for them. But you should not have to do anything about it. Be yourself always. Be what makes you happy. If you are happy, I guarantee that the people around you, that matter, will be happy too.

In my years of high school, I have never felt like I needed to change myself to please others and I am very fortunate to say that. However, I have witnessed peers and ex-friends who have completely changed themselves for the sake of fitting in. I have seen them changing their looks, attitude and overall personality in order to make friends or be a part of a group of friends. I despise seeing people do this to themselves. Pressure and social influence play a major role in all of this. People who are changing like this fail to realize that they are not doing this for themselves but for the people around them. You can never satisfy everyone, and you have to realize that. You should only focus on making yourself as well as the people close to you happy. Don’t fall into this role confusion, trying to change you for others. I promise that someone somewhere would be very happy to become friends with the original you, for exactly who you are.

It’s Life ☯

Sometimes you just have to distance yourself from people. Everyone in your life has a purpose, you just need to wait and figure out exactly where they’re coming from. If they bring you happiness, stay with them.. If they bring you sorrow, let them go.. If you regret, they’ve taught you a lesson.. If you cry, they’ve made you stronger.. If you wish you’ve never met them, they’ve done their job. Now it’s on you to make wiser decisions in your future. You need these experiences to guide you to a better path.Whether they’ve brought you happiness or have made you more aware of your surroundings, always show gratitude. Be grateful of what you’ve experienced in your life as it was all just for your own benefit. Stay positive, and be patient. – Let the glass be half full – 

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle Onassis

Just Keep Swimming

Hope: a small word with innumerable amount of significance. You know sometimes we go through life & encounter situations in which we have no hope’, or so we say. But hope is just a matter of believing. We’ve all heard of that cheesy line that goes, ‘if you can believe it, you can achieve it’. While this might not be 100% true, it does have a bit of truth behind it. Having hope doesn’t mean that you will always come out on top & succeed, but it will give you the endurance you need to get through a difficult or aggravated time. That little bit of hope you have can help you overcome a lot of things. There will be situations where that tiny ounce of hope that you had, was totally worth it. Life is full of surprises. You don’t know what your future holds for you, so never lose hope. As hard as it may get, stay hopeful & hopefully things work out for you! And if they don’t, remember that everything happens for a reason, & everyone has a different path that’s written for them. To get to that path you may have to miss a few opportunities here and there, but it might all be worth the success you may have in the end. Stay hopeful & just keep swimming. ❤